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Bingeworthy Community Launched

The bingeworthy community is now available and open for anyone to join. You can sign in with FB, Google or create your own unique account. Let's make this a robust, fun community where you can provide your own perspective, comment on others or just read to help you decide what to watch next.

Why create this new community?? We are tired of having to go to individual social media groups dedicated to either Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. Here we can discuss any binge, no matter the platform.

Some suggestions when creating new posts:

  • Tag the show (e.g., #Friends) and the service you watched it on (#Netflix). This will make it easily discoverable across the platform in case you missed a post on your social feed.

  • Use the show name as the first thing you write in your post so it shows up in a daily or digest you receive.

  • Try not to spoil something really new. But if you do...remember to write : "SPOILER ALERT" before you let the cat out the bag

  • Have fun

  • Invite your friends

Here is an example:

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