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Netflix Releases: November 2021

The holiday season begins in November for Netflix with several holiday focused series dropping. Until the spirit arrives, viewers can indulge in such shows as Narcos: Mexico (Season 3), Cowboy Bebop (Season 1) and Tiger King 2. With Joe Exotic in the clunker and Carol Baskin quietly hiding in Florida looking for her long lost husband, it will be interesting to see if Tiger King 2 brings just as much cringeworthy content in this next round of shows. When you've binged the dramas of the month and need some comfort, it will be time to check out the reality cooking series, The World of Chocolate, that drops on November 28. Enjoy!

Here is a full list of the Netflix Original series drops for November:

Nov 2

  • Ridley Jones (Season 2) – Animated kids show

Nov 5

  • Big Mouth (Season 5) – Animated monsters series

  • Gloria (Season 1) – Portuguese series about an engineer hiding secrets during the cold war

  • Narcos: Mexico (Season 3) – The final season of the Mexico spin-off

  • The Club (Part 1) – Turkish drama about a mother attempting to reconnect with daughter

  • The Unlikely Murderer (Season 1) – Limited series about Swedish PM assassination

Nov 6

  • Arcane (Season 1) – New animated series

Nov 9

  • Swap Shop: Dash for Cash (Season 1) – Reality series based on radio show

  • Your Life Is a Joke (Season 1) – Series where comedian Oliver Polak meets celebs.

Nov 10

  • Animal (Season 1) – Nature documentary series

  • Gentefied (Season 2) – About Mexican-American cousins chasing the American dream

Nov 15

  • Lies and Deceit (Season 1) – Spanish thriller series about a teacher seeking justice

  • Tobot Galaxy Detectives (Season 2) – Korean animated TV series

Nov 17

  • Christmas Flow (Season 1) – Christmas series from France

  • Tear Along the Dotted Line (Season 1) – Adult animated Italian series

  • Tiger King (Season 2) – Documentary about the Tiger King and animal captivity

Nov 19

  • Blown Away: Christmas (Season 1) – Holiday-themed glass blowing competition

  • Cowboy Bebop (Season 1) – Bounty hunters searching for dangerous criminals (based on hit anime series)

  • Hellbound (Season 1) – New Korean supernatural series

Nov 20

  • Blown Away: Christmas (Season 1) – A Christmas spin-off series where glassblowers compete to create weird and wonderful pieces of art.

  • New World (Season 1) – Korean reality series that sees six celebrities competing in a virtual world

Nov 23

  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Season 1 – Part 2) – Animated series rebooting Masters of the Universe.

Nov 24

  • True Story (Limited Series) – Scripted series about a comedian and a movie star

Nov 25

  • Super Crooks (Season 1) – Anime series based on the Millarworld comic

Nov 26

  • School of Chocolate (Season 1) – Reality cooking series all about chocolate

Nov 28

  • Elves (Season 1) – Danish Christmas horror series featuring bad elves

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